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Eric Parker, Scott Drexler, Todd Engel, Greg Burelson, Jerry Delemus, Pete Santilli…these men stood with the Bundys against a corrupt federal agency (BLM) that was trying to strong arm a family that had cattle grazing on their property, property that the federal government wanted to take.

These gentlemen that stood at Bunkerville with the Bundys, none of whom had any previous criminal records were held without due process of the law in less than desirable living conditions. Separated from their families for standing up & defending the rights of a family & a nation that still believes The Constitution is the law of the land. God fearing, America loving Patriots across this great land of ours are asking that these men be given a full pardon by the people’s president, Donald Trump.

Why is the whistleblower deposition of former BLM lead investigator Larry Wooten so critical? Without his testimony under oath, Wooten’s two whistleblower memos are just heresay. The first memo has been released. The second one has not been released, but has been read by Todd Engel’s attorney. It is even more of a bombshell than […]

UPDATE: Todd Engel’s sentencing has been postponed until March, 2018. UPDATE: Thank you message from Todd Engel. Todd Engel was tried in the first of the three Bunkerville trials, and has had very poor representation by a series of  three court appointed attorneys. They wouldn’t work with him or even communicate with him, and one had trouble staying awake […]

TODD ENGEL’S ARE THE LEAST SERIOUS OF ALL THE CHARGES, AND DO NOT CARRY ENHANCEMENTS OR MANDATORY MINIMUM SENTENCING. by Shari Dovale  November 5, 2017 Todd Engel is one of the Bunkerville defendants that will face Judge Gloria Navarro in a sentencing hearing. Out of a 16-count indictment, Engel was charged with 10 counts and convicted of 2 counts […]

by Shari Dovale The verdicts are in for the first tier defendants in the Bunkerville Protest trial. There are 6 defendants facing 10 counts each. There are potentially over 70 counts the collective defendants could be found guilty on. This includes separate “brandishing” enhancements to each of the three firearms charges. The jury has announced […]

by Shari Dovale The Bunkerville protest trial, first round, is coming to end. The closing statements have been given over the past two days. Each attorney spoke well and powerfully for their client. Todd Engel, the only defendant to represent himself, had a short and emotional closing statement for the jury. However, nearly every sentence […]

By Shari Dovale and John Lamb Todd Engel, of Boundary County, Idaho, is among those fighting for his life in a Federal Courtroom in Nevada. Todd Engel (photo: Facebook) Engel has been representing himself, and do very well by all accounts, in the Bunkerville Standoff Trial being held in Las Vegas. He is well spoken, […]