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– Patrick Wood: Reflexive Law: New Legal System Driving Sustainable Development  Written by Patrick Wood and published at  Technocracy dot News – Every society in history has been hinged on compatible systems of social structure, economics and politics. And, every unique society is regulated by a compatible legal system that settles all disputes between its […]

– As the godless world’s problems have been adopted by America’s corrupted national government, and as the national government’s corruption has been brought home to our respective States, even now we are stunned to see the tentacles of globalism’s “one-world government” showing up in our local cities and towns. Whether it is the shock of […]

– Patrick Wood continues to expand his outreach. Author of the remarkable book named “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation”, he is in my opinion the world’s foremost authority on the mischief of the Trilateral Commission and the damage the TC has done to America.  I have viewed several of his interviews and […]

– We featured a video recently in which Patrick Wood of the August Forecast and Review was hosted by John B. Wells on Wells’ “Caravan To Midnight” show. I was smitten, as was John B. Wells, who beknighted Mr. Wood right there on the show. I was inspired to write a lengthy synopsis about that […]