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By Daniel John Sobieski March 24, 2017 It is said that the Senate plays chess while the House of Representatives plays smash mouth hockey. The revelation by House Intelligence  Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes that, yes, members of Team Trump were in fact surveilled and the contents of their conversations and their names were recorded […]

March 26, 2017 By Clarice Feldman Matryoshkas are Russian nesting dolls. Inside each doll are several others, smaller but identically shaped characters, until you get to the smallest one inside. Studying what we have learned of the timeline — and we still don’t have the entire story — we see Wikileaks, the smallest, at the […]

Oath Keepers salutes Patrick Wood of Technocracy News for fetching this one.   Above image courtesy of The New York Times / Getty Images.  Caption: There are dozens of digital spying companies that can track everything a target does on a smartphone. Credit Spencer Platt/Getty Images   How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything […]

Editor’s Note: Can the Fourth Amendment survive in the world of electronic gadgetry?  The good folks over at the Electronic Freedom Foundation do never-ending good work to protect privacy in the frightening world of government-sponsored surveillance. I believe that many of our readers will want to know about the petition at bottom of this page. […]