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Oath Keepers salutes Patrick Wood of Technocracy News for fetching this one.   Above image courtesy of The New York Times / Getty Images.  Caption: There are dozens of digital spying companies that can track everything a target does on a smartphone. Credit Spencer Platt/Getty Images   How Spy Tech Firms Let Governments See Everything […]

– This article was written by Julia Harte, Julia Edwards and Andy Sullivan and published at Yahoo News on February 04 2016 Editor’s Note: Incredibly, mainstream media continues to harp the same old government line about Timothy McVeigh single-handedly blowing up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City despite all the evidence of other bombs […]

– Photo by Washington Post   Editor’s Note: Stewart Rhodes has issued a statement relative to the below article by CNN. ________________________   NOTE FROM STEWART: Ben Carson can rest easy. We already have a database on everyone (at least on all of us mere citizens) at the massive NSA data storage facility in Utah. […]

“…a repository of Wanted Persons, Sex Offenders Registry Subjects, Known or appropriately Suspected Terrorists, and other persons of special interest…” One might ask: Who might those “other persons of special interest” be? This article was taken from the FBI’s website.   FBI: Next Generation Identification (NGI) Identification and Investigative Services (Link good as of February […]