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“If I was up here I’d probably pick these books up and start throwing them around. If I was a white guy, I’d go get my semiautomatic weapon and come down here and mow everybody down,” Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers ranted during a debate on “gender identity” legislation. While a mere citizen might find […]

“Black students advocate white genocide at Harvard,” the title to a YouTube video posted by “All Lives Matter” claims. The debate, which was supposed to be about renewable energy, occurred at Harvard University, viewers are told.  Those advocating whites kill themselves or otherwise die are identified as Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano, from the University of […]

Oath Keepers  have long been targets of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which conflates them with anti-government extremists and haters. Of course their attacks conveniently ignore the oath being kept is to the Constitution, and that the bylaws of the organization exclude anyone from membership “who advocates … discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person […]

[Note from Elias Alias, editor: Oath Keepers has pointed out for years that the SPLC sells profiles on Americans to the U.S. government, works with the Department of Homeland Security, targets average American citizens for daring to dissent against various governmental policies, and trains police departments, all at the same time it hammers Oath Keepers […]