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Become a local Threat Intelligence Analyst through this course based on US military and civilian intelligence training. You’ll learn: how to provide intelligence support to a neighborhood watch program, preparedness group, or security team the difference between gathering information and producing actionable intelligence the structure of reviewing and interpreting intelligence information how to use the […]

Check it out and follow along here: Here is his report, so far, for today: Significant Reporting from Tuesday, 19 July 1000: Revolutionary Communist Party holds protest on East 4th. 1320: Reporting of “shots fired” at police van are false. 1329: 2x males in “Muslim garb” carrying AR-15s, headed westbound on Superior at 3rd.  [...]

– An open letter from your friendly editor about: Forward Observer Magazine In recent times Oath Keepers’ regular readers have been fortunate to have Sam Culper publish his “SitRep” (Situational Report) articles here at Oath Keepers national. Oath Keepers has also emailed his articles to our full lists as he published them, and I would […]

Sam’s Intelligence Report #1 This is the first installment of a series I am launching called Sam’s Intelligence report. We will be bringing you these Intel updates a couple of times a month. Discussing what Sam feels are the biggest blips on his radar. Please keep an eye out for the accompanying article / video […]