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Read the complete filing here, including the REPORTER’S TRANSCRIPT OF PROCEEDINGS for DAY 16, the day the mistrial was declared by Judge Gloria Navarro. By Wendy Kay IMAGINE…. You and your family are enjoying a Sunday BBQ in your back yard when suddenly heavily armed thugs rush into your yard intent on stealing your pets, […]

Above photo courtesy Redoubt News Editor’s Note: I would like to introduce all Oath Keepers to a dedicated and tireless couple of journalists who operate “Redoubt News” in the northwest mountain States. Headquartered in Idaho, Shari Dovale and Bret Roush keep the hammer down full time, and do a remarkable volume of “on-site” coverage of […]

“Ammon Bundy, brother Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne and Peter Santilli — already indicted in the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon — now face federal indictment along with Cliven Bundy in the 2014 armed standoff near the Bundy ranch in Nevada,” Maxine Bernstein of The Oregonian reported Wednesday. The indictment lists nine United […]