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EVERYTHING TODAY ADDS UP TO A MISTRIAL, BUT DON’T COUNT ON IT BEING GRANTED. By Shari Dovale   August 2, 2017 The Bunkerville Retrial in Las Vegas continued today with Judge Navarro’s bias being highlighted for the world to see. The day was filled mostly with time outside of the jury presence, going over Facebook posts that were offered […]

by Shari Dovale  August 2, 2017 The retrial of four Bunkerville defendants is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first trial ended in a mistrial when the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict. It is known that the jury favored acquittal in the previous trial with 2 of the defendants receiving 10-2 votes in their favor. […]

Published on Aug 1, 2017 Josh Sigurdson sits down with Andrea Parker, the wife of the media coined “Bundy Ranch Sniper” following his unjust arrest and [trial]. Those involved in simply standing up for individual liberties during the Bundy Standoff are facing unthinkable attacks as they’re thrown in prison by the state and persecuted. Of […]

The U.S. Justice Department is pulling no punches in the “Bunkerville Retrial” of Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexler and Rick Lovelein currently underway in a federal courtroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. During morning arguments on Tuesday, July 25, 2017, Acting U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre demanded that Judge Gloria Navarro impose sanction and punishment on […]

by Shari Dovale   July 25, 2017 The jurors in the Bunkerville Retrial have been allowed the option to question each witness in the case. They are availing themselves of this option more and more each day. It is interesting because they have not been directly instructed as to what they can, and cannot, ask the […]

by Shari Dovale  July 23, 2017 The retrial of four defendants is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexlar and Ricky Lovelein are fighting for their lives for the second time. A mistrial was declared by Judge Gloria Navarro in April of this year when the jury could not reach a unanimous agreement […]

by Shari Dovale Judge Gloria Navarro has made new rules for her courtroom that (I would bet) stun even the prosecution. Last week, Judge Navarro shocked the courtroom with her manipulation of jury selection in the Bunkerville retrial in Las Vegas, Nevada. She refused to allow the defense to have their allotted peremptory challenges and […]

Las Vegas Review-Journal July 13, 2017   Government prosecutors have a friend in U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro. The judge is presiding over the retrial of four defendants charged with various crimes stemming from their participation in the 2014 Bunkerville standoff near Cliven Bundy’s ranch. The first trial ended in April with the jury deadlocked […]