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By Roger L. Simon July 16, 2019 To say that the Democrats are obsessed with race these days is the equivalent of saying the sky is blue. I’m a racist. You’re a racist. Donald Trump’s a racist. Nancy Pelosi was a racist until she attacked Trump for racism. Your neighbor’s a racist. Your insurance broker’s a […]

Dinesh D’Souza delivered an excellent speech before the Young America’s Foundation, recently, in which he destroys many myths perpetrated by the Progressive Left.

One of those myths is that fascism is a philosophy of the Right. Fascism is a collectivist philosophy, which places it on the Left side of the political spectrum. The Nazi Party was officially the National Socialist Party. Socialism is a collectivist philosophy.

By a member of the Oath Keepers Board of Directors I once heard that “gun control is people control.” This phrase had a profound affect on me. Growing up as an inner-city black kid, I had a unique perspective on gun control. I saw how guns were used by some evil men to do evil […]