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While disasters tend to bring out the best in people, unfortunately it also brings out those who prey on the victims. Oath Keepers are working with the community and law enforcement to provide protection for much needed disaster relief supplies around the clock. Thank you to those who have supported so far, but our work […]

Here in Texas, Oath Keepers are working around the clock to be sure relief supplies are arriving safely at their destination. The first shipment from Patriot Express arrived safely with Oath Keeper escorts, after the driver was followed for three hours on the way here by suspected bandits. #notonourwatch To donate to help keep Oath […]

Patriot Express is collecting donated necessities for Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey. Thousands are currently living in shelters. Their only possessions are what they could carry when they left their flooded homes for a boat ride to safety. Oath Keepers are setting up a safe haven for Patriot Express drivers and trucks north of Houston, Texas. This will […]