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“Florida-based gun dealer known for supporting NRA is linked to weapon used in Paris terror attacks,” The New York Daily News gleefully accused, taking full advantage of what they perceived to be another “Gotcha!” against guns. Importer and manufacturer Century Arms has been the target a hit piece by the same hateful and subversive propaganda rag […]

– Forget Paris: GOP candidate to double funding for Syrian ‘refugees’ Presidential hopeful seeks $1 billion more, enough to bring 100,000 Muslims to U.S. This article is a WorldNet Daily exclusive story. Please read it in full at WND’s site, here: ________________________________________ Excerpts: In the wake of the deadly Paris attacks by ISIS, some […]

They were still cleaning up the wreckage from the weekends tragic Paris ISIS attacks when the US propaganda machine shifted into high gear. It was John Brennan, Director of the C.I.A. that took the lead in shifting the blame for this failure from those agencys that we have sacrificed 10’s of billions of dollars and […]