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A large emergency evacuation order shines from a billboard above a deserted gas station in downtown Oroville, Calif., Sunday night, Feb. 12, 2017, after water officials ordered residents to leave the communities downstream from the damaged Oroville Dam spillway. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)   By SurvivalBlog Contributor | February 14, 2017 I felt obliged […]

Heavy California rains have filled the lake behind Oroville Dam. When the flow rate on the main spillway was increased, damage to that spillway was discovered. The water level was then allowed to rise to the level of the emergency auxiliary spillway which had not been used since the dam was built in the 60’s. […]

Photo – WUTC – In this scene from Saturday, water is seen flowing over the auxiliary spillway at Oroville By Dale Kasler, Andy Furillo and Sam Stanton Fearing that the emergency spillway at Oroville Dam was on the verge of failure Sunday afternoon, authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 160,000 Northern California residents, […]