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(NOTE: Jason Van Tatenhove, SGM Joseph Santoro, and Jordan Page, are attending Lavoy Finicum’s funeral today): Today we a bury one of our best…A true friend and  hero to the cause of Liberty. A family man, loving husband, father, friend, mentor, man of faith, a true American Patriot. Why is it always the best among us that […]

Jason Van Tatenhove of Oath Keepers had the opportunity to interview Brandon Curtiss, President of the Idaho III% regarding the history and current situation in Harney County, Oregon.

This past weekend we have seen some huge movement in the battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Harney County. While the patriots with the Pacific Patriot Network were busy battling against snow packed fire hydrants. That’s right the so called thugs and militia men that have been accused of intimidation and […]