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Drifting away from our founding principles destroys the Constitution that most of you took an Oath to defend! Many of you fought and sacrificed for the rights most Americans now take for granted. If you haven’t seen REVELATION, Dawn of Global Government, it’s an eye opener! Click here to see it free, or send it […]

Oath Keepers is pleased to have another opportunity to offer a FREE viewing of this outstanding film. Sign up below for free online showing anytime from Thursday, July 12 thru Sunday, July 22. If you missed the previous showings, now is your chance. REVELATION Dawn of Global Government starring music legend Charlie Daniels, Special Ops […]

On April 19, 1775, in Lexington, Massachusetts the first shot rang out sparking the American Revolutionary War. To memorialize that day in history, we bring you the critically acclaimed full length documentary film REVELATION Dawn of Global Government completely FREE! The free viewing will be from April 19 through April 28. Click on the FREE MOVIE banner to register. […]

…because “the movies and network news have become tools of the globalist agenda”.  MAINSTREAM exposes this, and more. Find out how and why the “mainstream media” in New York and Hollywood is so powerful, as we watch parts of both crumble today. Knowledge is power. The entire 4-part documentary MAINSTREAM is now available as a two DVD set […]

This amazing interview with Norman Dodd explains not only what was happening, but how charitable foundations worked together many years ago to accomplish their globalist goals. Mr. Dodd’s memory for details is astounding and thankfully G. Edward Griffin got it all on tape. Published on Feb 11, 2013 G. Edward Griffin interviews 83 year old Norman […]

By Chip Murray If you were to turn a sealed fish bowl upside-down, the fish would instantly adjust and continue swimming right-side-up. In January of 2009 Barack Obama turned the world upside-down in his “Fundamental Transformation” and a very interesting thing occurred. The pre-conditioned “Progressive” fish delighted in swimming upside-down, while the rest of us […]