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HOW DEEP DOES THIS COVER-UP GO? WAS IT ALL FROM STEVEN MYHRE, OR WAS NAVARRO COMPLICIT? By Shari Dovale The recent mistrial in the case of US v CLIVEN D. BUNDY et al. Sets some issues on the table for Judge Gloria Navarro that she has avoided thus far. The mistrial came on December 20th, weeks into […]

EVERYTHING TODAY ADDS UP TO A MISTRIAL, BUT DON’T COUNT ON IT BEING GRANTED. By Shari Dovale   August 2, 2017 The Bunkerville Retrial in Las Vegas continued today with Judge Navarro’s bias being highlighted for the world to see. The day was filled mostly with time outside of the jury presence, going over Facebook posts that were offered […]

by Shari Dovale   July 25, 2017 The jurors in the Bunkerville Retrial have been allowed the option to question each witness in the case. They are availing themselves of this option more and more each day. It is interesting because they have not been directly instructed as to what they can, and cannot, ask the […]

By Shari Dovale April 27, 2017 The first tier defendants in the Bundy-Bunkerville Protest Trial completed this week with mixed verdicts. The jury found former FBI Informant Greg Burleson guilty on 8 of 10 charges, with brandishing enhancements for the firearms charges. Additionally, the jury found Todd Engel of Boundary County, Idaho, guilty of 2 […]

by Shari Dovale Monday marked the first full day of jury deliberations in the first of three trials being held in Las Vegas. 6 men are on trial for their roles in the Bunkerville protest with Cliven Bundy in 2014. After 5+ weeks of the government presenting their case with over 35 witnesses, the defense […]

by Shari Dovale The Bunkerville protest trial, first round, is coming to end. The closing statements have been given over the past two days. Each attorney spoke well and powerfully for their client. Todd Engel, the only defendant to represent himself, had a short and emotional closing statement for the jury. However, nearly every sentence […]

The House Does Not Lose In Las Vegas By Loren Edward Pearce In Las Vegas, Sin City, it is known that the house never loses.  Likewise, at the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada the federal team, consisting of the judge, the prosecutors and the marshals, will not lose in their own house.  The […]

Christopher Welsh | April 4, 2017 Federal Judge Gloria Navarro no longer acts as a Federal Judge—by her blatant disregard for the United States Constitution or the rights of the People, she has proclaimed herself Queen of her territory in Las Vegas Nevada. She considers herself, like a Queen, untouchable and unaccountable to laws or […]

By Loren Edward Pearce IMAGINE A BASKETBALL REFEREE ASKING FOR GUIDANCE FROM THE COACH OF HER FAVORITE TEAM DURING A CONTEST. Court watch, Tuesday, April 4 That is what we have with Gloria Navarro in her interaction with the fed prosecution team. What we really have is a judge who is solidly in support of […]

by Shari Dovale It has been two days that the defense has been attempting to present their case to the jury in the Bunkerville trial being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Out of these two days, the jury has been in the courtroom about 15 minutes, or so. The remaining time has been filled with […]