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South Dakota and Ohio National Guard are converting non-potable water into safe potable water for residents in Comerío, Puerto Rico.       From: PR informa To volunteer: If you can, or know someone who can, donate cargo space on a plane for food/medical supplies, etc. direct to Aguadilla: Please donate to help us continue our disaster […]

By: Charlsy Panzino, February 13, 2017 The California National Guard rescued an 81-year-old on Friday after he was swept from his car during a flood, according to an Army news release. The Guard’s Company C/2-135 MEDEVAC was performing aerial reconnaissance during flooding in Greenville, California, when the Plumas County Sheriff’s Department diverted them to the […]

Here’s why they will fail. Mike Adams  I   (NaturalNews) According to multiple sources that have reached out to me — including an individual who has infiltrated left-wing “revolutionary” groups in California — the radical left has convinced itself it has a significant chance of pulling off some variation of an uprising / occupy […]

We will update as we learn more. Here are two videos which can introduce coverage of the chaos ongoing in Charlotte, North Carolina.   Sept. 22 2016: National Guard brought into Charlotte as violence erupts [ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]   September 22 2016:  National Guard on scene in Charlotte [ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]