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TEXAS FEDERAL PROSECUTOR DAYLE ELIESON TAKES THE INTERIM POSITION EFFECTIVE ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 5TH. by Shari Dovale   1-3-2018 During a trip to Las Vegas this past summer, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a remark that seemed to pat Acting US attorney Steven Myhre on the back for his prosecution of Cliven Bundy and his supporters […]

WHAT WILL MYHRE DO TO SAVE HIMSELF? WHO WILL HE THROW UNDER THE BUS? Editorial by Shari Dovale   12-30-2017 Acting US Attorney for the District of Nevada Steven Myhre filed a brief outlining his reasons that he should be allowed to retry the defendants in the Bunkerville Standoff trial. This is quite the masterful work of a desperate man. Clearly […]

HOW DEEP DOES THIS COVER-UP GO? WAS IT ALL FROM STEVEN MYHRE, OR WAS NAVARRO COMPLICIT? By Shari Dovale The recent mistrial in the case of US v CLIVEN D. BUNDY et al. Sets some issues on the table for Judge Gloria Navarro that she has avoided thus far. The mistrial came on December 20th, weeks into […]