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  Mad Maxine (Cong. Maxine Waters) seems to have forgotten to take her meds, as she has called for her Far Left supporters to harass Trumps supporters wherever they are encountered; at work, at school, at the grocery store or at the gas station. So much for civility in public discourse. Mad Maxine is a […]

5 years in the making, filmed in 25 states with over 40 patriot super stars, REVELATION Dawn of Global Government placed 7th in the nation for box office. As a special gift to our Freedom Loving friends, we are offering this highly acclaimed film absolutely FREE from April 19-28! See the trailer and register here […]

(Be sure to read ’till the end.) By Earick Ward  November 2, 2017 As America’s Civil War is being re-litigated, do not the conditions for our next great struggle appear at hand? Father against son?  Brother against brother?  Right against left? The tension is palpable.  The rhetoric, from both sides, is ratcheting up to a fever pitch. […]