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THE COURTROOM WAS CLEARED OF SPECTATORS SO THEY COULD IMMEDIATELY GO INTO ANOTHER OF THE NOW INFAMOUS SUPER-SECRET SEALED HEARINGS. By Shari Dovale   12/11/2017 The Las Vegas trial of Cliven Bundy, and others, began this morning after a long break of over a week. However, only about an hour and half into the hearing saw Judge […]

by Redoubt News Staff – 10/26/2017 Judge Gloria Navarro surprised the defense teams in the Bunkerville standoff trial by allowing them three days of testimony in an evidentiary hearing, with a fourth day promised. The hearing has focused on the shredded documents found after the protest in 2014. These documents are thought to contain exculpatory […]

BRIEFS AND PLEADINGS BY THE DEFENSE TEAMS MAY HAVE CAUSED NAVARRO TO ADJUST HER RULINGS SLIGHTLY. Redoubt News Staff – October 26, 2017 On Tuesday, October 24, Judge Gloria Navarro issued a number of rulings in the Bundy case, granting the government almost everything they asked for while denying the defense almost any means to defend […]

AUSA MYHRE AND JUDGE NAVARRO ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT JURY NULLIFICATION THAT THEY CONTINUE TO WORK THEMSELVES INTO A FRENZY. by Shari Dovale Late night filings by the Bunkerville Prosecution team has shown there will be a repeat performance of an Unconstitutional trial taking place beginning October 10th in Las Vegas. As in the previous two trials, […]

DEFENDANTS HAVE BEEN DENIED ANY OPPORTUNITY TO INFORM JURORS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES AND BACKGROUND BEHIND THEIR ACTIONS Judge’s rulings impose the rule that evidence of guilt is relevant, evidence of innocence is irrelevant by Staff Writer Those who have been watching the court rulings in the Bunkerville (“Bundy”) retrial have been scratching their heads at […]

by Shari Dovale   August 20, 2017 Judge Gloria Navarro has had a difficult time getting the defendants and spectators to understand that Jury Nullification is, well… a bad thing. She has made her rulings. She has given her orders. She has specifically forbidden nullification from being used in the case of US v. Bundy et. al. She has […]

Welcome to the Ministry of Truth a la 1984. (Las Vegas Review Journal) – August 15, 2017 – Justice is blind, objective and impartial — unless U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro sits on the bench. With her thumb heavy on the scale of justice, the defendants being retried for their participation in the 2014 armed […]

THE BEDROCK OF OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS UNDER ATTACK IN THIS LAS VEGAS FEDERAL COURTROOM. by Shari Dovale During the first trial of the Bunkerville defendants, this past March, Judge Gloria Navarro made the specific point to Todd Engel that, in her courtroom, defendants have only three rights. In happened after Engel, who was representing himself as […]

NAVARRO IS MAKING EVERY ATTEMPT TO SHUT DOWN THE DEFENSE BEFORE THEY START. by Shari Dovale   August 8, 2017 The Bunkerville retrial in Las Vegas has several interesting updates today. The prosecution has stated that they have finished presenting their witnesses, however they will not formally rest their case until the next time they see the […]

THE PROSECUTION HAS YET TO PRESENT ANY EVIDENCE OF A CRIME. This has been a very eventful week in the Bunkerville Retrial of four defendants. The prosecution has demonized these good men at every turn. They have portrayed them as lawless militia, anti-government radicals, and immoral propagandists. by Shari Dovale “I Guess I Was Wrong” The […]