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Jim Hoft Originally published on the     WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange joined Democracy Now on Monday from London after the release of nearly 20,000 DNC emails revealing how the Democratic Party favored Hillary Clinton and worked behind the scenes to discredit and defeat Bernie Sanders. On Sunday Democrat Party Chair Debbie […]

I first met Joe Robertson last summer while in Lincoln Montana. I had just been officially brought on as Media Director of the Oath Keepers, and was there working on some of the stories for the White Hope Mine operation. As is often the case, when someone finds that you are with the Oath Keepers, […]

Today, as I look at my young daughters playing together near our chicken coop, and I feel relatively safe. I feel safe knowing that I am doing the best I can to raise them for the world that they are to inherit. I know that I currently have a good start on food storage and […]

In this weeks Oath Keepers Media Update. I discuss the absurdly of the International No Diet Day, that was put on last week by The University of Minnesota’s school of Public Health.  For the the health of ourselves and our children we must resist these absurd notions and call them out for what they really […]

This article was written by a friend that I have had on my old talk radio program “The Liberty Brothers” many times. Michael Snyder has a keen view of what may be heading our way. This article delves into the another way we can prepare for the the future and that is by running for […]

Today, while interviewing billionaire entrepreneur, political activist, and one of the men behind the new movie AmeriGEDDON, Gary Heavin, the topic of the Trans Pacific Partnership came up. When I asked about his views regarding the TPP, Gary made clear that the the following article originally published on Activist Post was the best break down […]