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When you post something on the Internet, it stays there. It is important to keep that in mind. Sometimes, in a moment of frustration, or anger, we put something into cyberspace that we later regret. You can’t take it back. It is archived, somewhere, forever.

Words, be they spoken or written, have lasting impacts.

by Paul Bedard | Feb 7, 2018 Lee E. Goodman, who led a battle to stop Democrats from imposing political regulations on the Internet and news sites like the Drudge Report and other media, is stepping down from the Federal Election Commission. Goodman, an elections lawyer and adviser, plans to leave Feb. 16. He will join the political law […]

**URGENT CALL TO ACTION** [Mere] Hours Until Obama Illegally Surrenders Control of Internet Forever   Editor’s Note: The Western Free Press posted about the future of regulation of the Internet on September 28, 2016. I am passing their article on to our readers in hopes of increasing “people-pressure” on the idiots in our national government […]