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Above is a photo from Oath Keepers’ successful neighborhood watch program in N.C. after Hurricane Florence in 2018.  Oath Keepers and fellow patriots, Oath Keepers is sending a leadership team to the El Paso, TX area September 1-10, to reach out and offer our protection to any ICE, CBP, or other LEO or military family […]

Nearly 100 Indicted, 50 In Custody by Jason Hopkins – 5/13/2019 Authorities indicted 96 people and arrested 50 for a marriage fraud operation allegedly taking place in Vietnam and Houston. A months-long Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) probe uncovered a criminal operation that enabled numerous foreign nationals to fraudulently obtain […]

Judge embraces “Lawfare” to obstruct immigration law enforcement. January 21, 2019 Michael Cutler . With increasing frequency judges have issued rulings that run contrary to the laws and commonsense. Nowhere has this become a more serious issue than where immigration law enforcement is concerned. It has become fashionable for the radical left to bash our […]

Oath Keepers offers volunteer protection to ICE and Border Patrol families after radical leftists threaten them and their children. Attention all ICE and Border Patrol agents and families: Oath Keepers has your back.   We have thousands of highly trained and experienced police and military veterans in every state of the Union who would be […]