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Published on January 26, 2021 Written by The American Journal of Medicine The American Journal of Medicine now (Jan. 2021) now recommends Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, and Zinc  for the treatment of Covid 19 outpatients. The irony is this is the treatment that former US President, Donald Trump promoted last year. The timing, right after the election, is interesting. […]

May 18, 2020 – Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson . If you’ve watched the news lately, you might be under the impression that a medicine President Trump touted as a possible game changer against coronavirus— has been debunked and discredited. . Two divergent views of the drug, hydroxychloroquine, have emerged: the negative one widely reported […]

April 22, 2020 – In this exclusive interview with The New American, Dr. Karladine Graves, a high-profile medical doctor who has been providing information and advice to the White House on coronavirus and other issues, slams the willingness of Americans to trade their liberty for supposed safety. She also slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci, questioning whether […]

Paul Egan,  April 6, 2020 LANSING – A Democratic state representative from Detroit is crediting hydroxychloroquine — and Republican President Donald Trump who touted the drug — for saving her in her battle with the coronavirus. State Rep. Karen Whitsett, who learned Monday she has tested positive for COVID-19, said she started taking hydroxychloroquine on March 31, […]