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CALL TO ACTION UPDATED 8-30-2017 Oath Keepers, and all other dedicated patriots, You are needed in Texas to help our brother and sister Americans who are now dealing with a Katrina level event flood. They are deep under water in Houston and a growing number of nearby towns and cities, and they need our help. […]

In their neighbors’ time of need, these teens stepped up.ByAMANDA PRESTIGIACOMO  August 29, 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on Saturday, taking lives and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. Once the storm downgraded to Tropical Storm Harvey, even more damage was done, bringing in unprecedented flooding and raising the death toll to eight, a number expected to […]

An American Legion Post in Texas is currently operating as a hurricane shelter and was close to running out of food. Two veterans took up that challenge and a large supply of food will be delivered soon. They are also donating water filtration bottles and water filtration straws. Oath Keeper, Chance Gibson of American Survival Wholesale and Ross […]

Rescues by boat in flooded communities continue in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We have current information from Alex Oakes, Oath Keepers South East Regional Assistant Coordinator and Oath Keepers Mississippi Point of Contact. We will update the information here with changes and additions as they occur. Alex was on the ground dispatching the Cajun […]

…non-preppers hurting badly as food, water, power and emergency services FAIL. Sunday, August 27, 2017 by: Mike Adams (Natural News) News from inside Hurricane Harvey: Local towns are experiencing so much flooding that some are cutting off municipal water supplies. This is on top of the power grid outages, cell phone outages, store closures and widespread road closures that […]