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SEE TWO UPDATES BELOW by AndrewBlakeTwo students have been disciplined after pictures of them at the gun range came out. Lacey Township, NJ – An attorney from a New Jersey gun organization association announced that a lawsuit may be pending after a school disciplined two students for going to a gun range outside of school hours. reported […]

David Codrea – April 8, 2017 Are YouTube and social media giants Facebook and Twitter discriminating against conservatives and gun owners? And if so, what can be done about it? USA – -( “BREAKING: YouTube gun channels in danger of disappearing forever,” The Firearm Blog reported Thursday. “It appears that all gun related videos on […]

Washington Ceasefire Director and citizen disarmament proponent Ralph Fascitelli says there’s “one thing the president can do now to reduce gun violence,” and Oath Keeper peace officers are in a unique position to bring some rationality into consideration.  That’s because his proposal subjects officers to becoming guinea pigs for “smart guns” in the field, and […]