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THE INFORMATION THEREIN PROVIDES FURTHER EVIDENCE OF FLAGRANT GOVERNMENT MISCONDUCT. by Terry Noonkester   1-4-2018 Judge Navarro is scheduled to rule on which classification of mistrial is appropriate for Cliven, Ryan and Ammon Bundy, and their co-defendant, Ryan Payne.  The classification she decides on will make a huge difference and could bring anything from a retrial, or […]

THEY HAVE RECORDED PROTECTED COMMUNICATIONS OF ATTORNEYS AND THEIR CLIENTS. by Shari Dovale  November 9, 2017 The government prosecutors in the Bunkerville Standoff Trial in Las Vegas have been recording the privileged phone meetings between the defendants and their attorneys, according to a filing by Ryan Payne. The motion to dismiss, filed yesterday November 8th, states […]

by Tim Brown – Nov. 8, 2017 In a video report from Brian Hyde yesterday on what took place at the Bundy Ranch trial, which was supposed to begin on Tuesday, he gave some very valuable information, including the fact that questions were raised as to whether or not the prosecution was withholding evidence from the […]

By Dr. Jennifer McQuade, for the Houston Chronicle | on October 25, 2017 Four days after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, volunteer medical relief was critically important. But 33 days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, volunteer medical relief continues to be critically important to the island. It should not be this way. This is not […]