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UPDATE – March 29: There is still a need for drinking water, food, and basic supplies in some flood damaged areas. Please support our efforts to locate and/or purchase, then deliver, basic supplies as needed.  Oath Keepers are on the ground in the Midwest, doing vital flood disaster relief. We are delivering food, water, medical, […]

Oath Keepers and Patriots, Oath Keepers is deploying to Nebraska, but whether you are an Oath Keepers member or not, it’s time to step up! Nebraska is in serious trouble from what Governor Pete Ricketts has called the worst flooding the state has seen in 50 years. Much of Nebraska and parts of western Iowa […]

The floodwater is up to the rooftops of homes in North Carolina. Early damage estimates approaching $22B. This video was posted on September 18 by WCTI NewsChannel 12. Homes buried by floodwater in North Carolina The floodwater is up to the rooftops of homes in North Carolina.Early damage estimates approaching $22B: Posted by WCTI […]

Hurricane Florence has made landfall, bringing with it sustained winds of 90 MPH and high rainfall, which is estimated to reach the 30-40 inch level in some areas.

This is a monster storm, not because of the winds, but because of the rain, as Florence is a slow moving storm that will linger longer than other hurricanes and dump intense rain on the coast of North Carolina and into South Carolina.

Oath Keepers volunteers have been on the ground in Texas since Wednesday, based in Livingston which is just north of the flooding. More members and other patriots are on their way. We sincerely appreciate the donations we have received so far, but expenses are mounting. This is our most expensive operation to date. Beyond the increasing scarcity and […]

CALL TO ACTION UPDATED 8-30-2017 Oath Keepers, and all other dedicated patriots, You are needed in Texas to help our brother and sister Americans who are now dealing with a Katrina level event flood. They are deep under water in Houston and a growing number of nearby towns and cities, and they need our help. […]

An American Legion Post in Texas is currently operating as a hurricane shelter and was close to running out of food. Two veterans took up that challenge and a large supply of food will be delivered soon. They are also donating water filtration bottles and water filtration straws. Oath Keeper, Chance Gibson of American Survival Wholesale and Ross […]