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By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D. February 17, 2017 – According to seemingly reliable reports in the media, President Trump may have determined that his Administration will not conduct a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton (and presumably of the Clinton Foundation and those associated with it as well). The reasons that were bruted […]

Elias Alias here with the most current progress report on James Jaeger’s  exciting new documentary film project,  the movie about: “MAINSTREAM: How Hollywood Movies and New York Media Are Promoting The Globalist Agenda” I want to personally thank each of you who have contributed to the making of this film. Quite a few of you […]

Note: Oath Keepers is grateful for the vast body of knowledge which Edwin Vieira makes available to the American people. We have been invited to post this article in full here at Oath Keepers national, but I wish to include this link to Dr. Vieira’s articles archive at News With Views, where the reader will […]

– Anthony Wile of The Daily Bell has just interviewed James Jaeger to discuss James’ newest documentary film, Midnight Ride: When Rogue Politicians Call For Martial Law. (Available in our store, < Here >) The Daily Bell has granted permission to mirror the entire interview here at Oath Keepers. However, I would like to ask […]

–   MIDNIGHT RIDE the Movie Premieres Friday, November 06 2015   Watch the movie for free right here!   Editor’s Note: I have pulled the movie, as per James’ request that the premiere viewing be limited to five hours. I want to thank all who watched the movie, and especially those who left their […]

You Did It! Midnight Ride the movie is Finished!   Good News for Oath Keepers! Yes, I’m excited and I want to salute our Oath Keepers membership for making this film possible.  During the past 10 months I have made a number of appeals for donations/contributions by posting articles here at national and emailing those […]

– Oath Keepers Saddle Up For Midnight Ride An open letter from your friendly editor — The American national consciousness has been a bit tense lately, wouldn’t we all agree? It seems that at least some one thing or another is bothering every citizen from sea to shining sea. That is why I worded the […]

–     BIG PHARMA & THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA Promoters of Illegal “Gun-free” Zones and the Globalist Agenda by James Jaeger It’s always the same pattern of conduct: another shooting, another gun-free zone, media focuses attention on shooter and victims. Never does the MainStream Media (MSM) mention that almost every mass shooting has at least […]

–     First, let me shout out a big Welcome! to all new members. We’re glad you’re here. Thank you so much for joining and for your support! That said, I’d like to introduce you to a project which Oath Keepers has been promoting since this past November, 2014. We are helping James Jaeger […]