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Stewart Rhodes, reporting from the ground in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico:  We’ve been here on the ground in Puerto Rico since last Sunday, Oct 1 and have only now been able to get online (we were able to send out one short message on Facebook from the Aguadilla Airport staff’s computer on Monday, but that was […]

By Dr. Alison Thompson on facebook,  Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, 10-5-2017 Bad communications haven’t received a single text or call in 5 days but got a hot spot right now and 1000s of messages emails texts just flooded in so please be patient with me I won’t be able to return people’s messages ( over 200 phone […]

Oath Keepers are now on the ground in Aquadillia, Puerto Rico providing security for Dr. Alison Thompson and her team from Third Wave Volunteers. Just like in our previous hurricane relief operations in Texas and Florida, it seems that the rural areas are being neglected. Tuesday is day two, and communications are difficult. So far, we […]

Oath Keepers is going into Puerto Rico this morning to assist Dr. Alison Thompson and her team from Third Wave Volunteers as they attempt to save the life of a child who has been manually ventilated ever since the hospital generators and back up batteries failed.   They will be flying in by private chartered plane […]