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WHAT WILL MYHRE DO TO SAVE HIMSELF? WHO WILL HE THROW UNDER THE BUS? Editorial by Shari Dovale   12-30-2017 Acting US Attorney for the District of Nevada Steven Myhre filed a brief outlining his reasons that he should be allowed to retry the defendants in the Bunkerville Standoff trial. This is quite the masterful work of a desperate man. Clearly […]

With a history of hiding evidence from the defense, isn’t it time to prosecute the prosecutors? by Shari Dovale  12-23-2017 In the recent mistrial of the Bunkerville Standoff case in Las Vegas, Judge Gloria Navarro harshly rebuked Acting US attorney Steven Myhre for his blatant Brady violations and refusal to turn over exculpatory evidence to […]

GREG BURLESON’S AND TODD ENGEL’S CONVICTIONS MUST BE QUESTIONED IN LIGHT OF ALL THE EVIDENCE WITHHELD IN THEIR TRIAL. by Terry Noonkester   12/11/2017 Prosecutorial misconduct has affected the USA v Cliven Bundy trials in Las Vegas in regards to pretrial detention, convictions, plea agreements, and sentencing. Just within the first few weeks of the Tier I […]

WHY WOULD THE FEDERAL PROSECUTORS BE AT A BLM OPERATION AT ALL? The Bombshells Keep on Coming as Bunkerville Trial Gets Underway. by Shari Dovale  11/14/2017 Federal Prosecutors are being exposed for their underhanded tactics and entrapment setup of the Bunkerville defendants. During a recent evidentiary hearing, Daniel Love (the Special Agent in Charge of the […]

DEFENDANTS AND THEIR LAWYERS ARE TOLD THEY MUST KEEP THE DISCOVERY SECRET FROM THE PUBLIC—UPON PENALTY OF CONTEMPT OF COURT. “Discovery” in the Bundy Case is reportedly so vast that it contains the texts of entire novels, and hundreds of pages of apparently irrelevant medical records, but did not reveal that FBI agent Charles Johnson […]