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PROVOCATION BY THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT A DEFENSE. IT IS IRRELEVANT AND ONLY GOES TO JURY NULLIFICATION. ~JUDGE NAVARRO By Shari Dovale   August 10, 2017 The Retrial of Defendants Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexler, and Ricky Lovelein took a decided twist today in a Las Vegas Federal courtroom. The defense had already been shot down […]

by Shari Dovale   August 9, 2017 The Bunkerville Retrial in Las Vegas has taken yet another turn for the worst. Judge Gloria Navarro allowed the defense to proffer several witnesses via SKYPE today. The testimony was taken out of the hearing of the jury so that she might determine if the testimony is relevant. Included in this group […]

The House Does Not Lose In Las Vegas By Loren Edward Pearce In Las Vegas, Sin City, it is known that the house never loses.  Likewise, at the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, Nevada the federal team, consisting of the judge, the prosecutors and the marshals, will not lose in their own house.  The […]

by Shari Dovale It has been two days that the defense has been attempting to present their case to the jury in the Bunkerville trial being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Out of these two days, the jury has been in the courtroom about 15 minutes, or so. The remaining time has been filled with […]

By Shari Dovale Judge Gloria Navarro made a mockery of the judicial system today. The first Bunkerville trial is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The prosecution has had over five weeks to present their case. Now that the defense is ready to put on their case, Judge Gloria Navarro has shut them down. Out of […]