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On the upcoming weekend of Friday, February 19th through Sunday February 21st Members of the Northern Idaho Training Center (NITC) will be hosting in Marion Montana an Intermediate level training camp.  The focus of this camp will be patrolling, ambushes, defensive positions, etc. There are no prerequisites to this training anyone is welcome as long […]

We here at Oath Keepers have been saying for quite some time that we need to change our thinking when it comes to active shooter situations. That we need to begin to shed our sheepish mind set of victimization and begin to foster a true warriors mindset where it is better to fight back and […]

Now is the time to change how we live and think. We, awake, aware, free-thinking individuals, have known for quite some time that it hasn’t been a question of “if” an ISIS attack will happen in the US, but rather, “when” will this attack happen? The answer to that question came sooner than any of […]

I got the call late in the evening last Wednesday. “Hey do you want to go to this training in Idaho on advanced small team tactics?” My immediate answer was “YES, I want to attend it and every training opportunity that I possibly can.” So that was the start of my 5 day adventure into […]

– (Photo credit: Rose Baca/The Dallas Morning News via AP)   Stewart Rhodes, Founder and national President of Oath Keepers, has issued a clarification for all members and supporters regarding our Operation Protect The Protectors. He began that article with this paragraph — Our Operation Protect the Protectors has been a phenomenal success nationwide, with […]