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By Andrew Clark Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, a rising star in conservative circles, spoke Thursday afternoon at CPAC to a crowded ballroom who greeted him with enthusiastic cheers and applause. During his speech – as part of a panel themed around “World War Three” and security threats at home – Clarke singled out sanctuary cities as one of America’s […]

“Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison fell short Saturday in his campaign to run the Democratic National Committee, losing to former Labor Secretary Tom Perez,” NPR News reported. “[T]he next chairman is sure to have a pivotal role in remaking the party ahead of the 2018 midterm elections and a 2020 presidential contest. Democrats hope to feed […]

By Jenn Jacques. On Friday, Feb 24, 2017, Wayne LaPierre will lead the fight against the forces conspiring to sabotage President Donald Trump at this year’s CPAC convention (according to Jenn Jacques). Photo credit – Slate   NOTE FROM STEWART RHODES:   My apologies to Nancy, but I just had to add a question […]