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  Mad Maxine (Cong. Maxine Waters) seems to have forgotten to take her meds, as she has called for her Far Left supporters to harass Trumps supporters wherever they are encountered; at work, at school, at the grocery store or at the gas station. So much for civility in public discourse. Mad Maxine is a […]

“[The killer’s] social media pages showed multiple images of guns,” CBS News “reported” on the Santa Fe High School shooter. “He recently posted a photo wearing a T-shirt reading “Born to Kill” and there were also photos of a long dark jacket with Nazi symbols.” There is no mention of the communist hammer and sickle […]

Posted by Phantom | May 3, 2017 On the heels of yesterday’s post wherein I chronicled the punching of commies and the seizing of pizzas, the bastards have admitted defeat. You can find the archived version of their defeat here (let’s not send any traffic their way). Even in defeat, they can only manage to use the passive […]

The shackles binding the people of the world to oppression were the shackles fashioned by communist revolutionaries and Bolsheviks who had a huge followings of college-age anarchists. By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh — March 14, 2017 Campuses have become bastions of leftism and anti-Americanism Campuses have become bastions of leftism and anti-Americanism. According to David Horowitz, […]