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“Former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo is ending his bid for the Republican nomination for Colorado governor on Tuesday because he hasn’t raised the money he believes would be necessary to win an expensive election,” Colorado Politics reports. “I do not want to win a primary and lose a general, and I fear that was where […]

Magpul Industries announced a mega-deal to supply ammunition magazines to the Marines last week, a boon for Cheyenne and a loss for Colorado. Dec. 27, 2016, by Joey Bunch, Magpul, one of the country’s largest producers of ammunition magazines and other accessories, left Colorado in protest of the state’s 2013 gun laws that limited […]

“Attached is a photo of the Oath Keepers section, within the Southern Colorado Patriot’s Club section, in the July 4th Independence Day Parade,” George Gramlich of  The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel wrote in an email. “It was included in our two page photo feature. “The OK section was headed by Colorado OK honcho, Joe Santoro,” Gramlich […]

“[A]s you know, Mike[Vanderboegh] sent us a box of 30 rounders for our Independence Day March and Rally,” George Gramlich of The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel wrote to both me and Mike’s son Matthew.  The announcement of that march was the subject of an Oath Keepers column last month. “I wrote the attached story for […]

With much of the news from Colorado regarding the right to keep and bear arms dominated by “progressive” political gun-grabbers who never met an infringement they weren’t bent on imposing, it’s easy to forget that much of the state is populated by “red” county voters who reject the control freak mentality exemplified by the Hickenlooper […]