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Published on Mar 22, 2017 TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: [NOTE: This video was produced for on September 30, 2011. It is being made available in its entirety here for the first time.] It is no longer disputed that the CIA has maintained an extensive and ongoing relationship with news organizations and journalists, and multiple, […]

The battle raging in the Deep State isn’t just a bureaucratic battle – it’s a war for the soul, identity and direction of the nation. by Tyler Durden Mar 10, 2017 Via Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog When do the unlimited powers of the Intelligence/Security agencies threaten America’s domestic and global national interests? The CIA […]

by Tyler Durden  Mar 7, 2017 7:56 AM WikiLeaks has published what it claims is the largest ever release of confidential documents on the CIA. It includes more than 8,000 documents as part of ‘Vault 7’, a series of leaks on the agency, which have allegedly emerged from the CIA’s Center For Cyber Intelligence in Langley, […]

A threatening sentiment is emerging in the bitter accusations and actions following Donald Trump’s electoral landslide victory. Anyone not joining in the lynch mob being formed against his inauguration is being branded a “traitor.” And that includes Oath Keepers. Those who frequent this website are more in tune than most at attempts to discredit the […]

Disgruntled intel workers were angry that Hillary exposed classified information Steve Watson | – December 14, 2016 While Democrats, sore losers and the butthurt corporate media continue to yell ‘THE RUSSIANS DID IT’ or something… a sane voice noted that it is far more likely that it was in fact people within the US […]

“Former NSA Director Michael Hayden says that changes to the 2nd Amendment may be more effective from a counterterrorism standpoint, than more intrusive surveillance,” The Wall Street Journal noted in its description of a video interview with Assistant Managing Editor and Executive Business Editor John Bussey at its Future of Cybersecurity breakfast in New York. […]

I have regularly posted for years the alarming fact that assets of the U.S. government were used in the creation of the Mujahideen, al Qaeda, and ISIS. Also, I posted this summer (2015) my own premise that every grave “enemy” which confronted America during the Twentieth Century and thus far in the Twenty-first Century was […]

–   – Allen Dulles: 20th Century Secrecy In Statecraft   Written by Elias Alias in 2005, updated for Oath Keepers in 2015 ___________________________ Let’s begin with a brief quotation from the American Historical Association as found at this page on their Internet website: There we read: How the State asserts its authority in […]