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This outstanding documentary is available again for a limited time online. If you missed it last time, here is another chance. Or watch it again like I will. Please share this opportunity with family and friends. SETTING BRUSHFIRES OF LIBERTY   5 years in the making, filmed in 25 states with over 40 patriot super […]

By Charlie Daniels | July 19, 2017 Many times, when I do a column about the appalling state of affairs in our nation or point out issues that are irritating to me, somebody asks a perfectly fair and legitimate question. “Okay, we all know what’s wrong. We agree with you, but what is the answer? You’re able […]

By Charlie Daniels | March 15, 2017   If you asked one hundred people what is wrong with America, what caused it and what steps should be taken to repair the damage, you could well get one hundred different answers. I’m sure the preponderance of the replies would deal with politics in one way or another; […]

Wow! Y’all ready for this? I’ve received a request from Chuck Untersee to make sure all Oath Keepers and friends know about the new movie which will premiere on Friday, April 15 2016 at two theaters in Texas. Here is the letter I received: Hi Elias We need veteran support!…Any help you can offer is […]