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From KrisAnne Hall on facebook   12-31-2017 Federal prosecutors are seeking a new trial against #BundyRanch?!?! Are you freaking kidding me? Prosecutors are telling the judge all the misconduct that caused the mistrial was “inadvertant.” So lets see… 1. The Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement “kill list” against American citizens… oops we didn’t mean to, […]

A Sad Day in The Bundy “Mis”-Trial By Michael Stickler As a citizen of this great country, I have just experienced one of the saddest days in my life. Let me explain… I sat in the courtroom of day 15 of the Cliven Bundy trial (at this point that is six calendar weeks in the […]

UPDATE: Todd Engel’s sentencing has been postponed until March, 2018. UPDATE: Thank you message from Todd Engel. Todd Engel was tried in the first of the three Bunkerville trials, and has had very poor representation by a series of  three court appointed attorneys. They wouldn’t work with him or even communicate with him, and one had trouble staying awake […]

THEY HAVE RECORDED PROTECTED COMMUNICATIONS OF ATTORNEYS AND THEIR CLIENTS. by Shari Dovale  November 9, 2017 The government prosecutors in the Bunkerville Standoff Trial in Las Vegas have been recording the privileged phone meetings between the defendants and their attorneys, according to a filing by Ryan Payne. The motion to dismiss, filed yesterday November 8th, states […]

by Redoubt News Staff – 10/30/2017 The Bunkerville Standoff Trial-Of-The-Century began with a bang this weekend, even before jury selection got underway Monday morning. A motion filed on behalf of defendant Ryan Payne this weekend addressed the prosecution’s requested extension to respond to Payne’s sealed motion. Specifically, Ryan Payne filed a motion to dismiss the case based […]

by Redoubt News Staff – 10/26/2017 Judge Gloria Navarro surprised the defense teams in the Bunkerville standoff trial by allowing them three days of testimony in an evidentiary hearing, with a fourth day promised. The hearing has focused on the shredded documents found after the protest in 2014. These documents are thought to contain exculpatory […]

by Shari Dovale It was disclosed in a Las Vegas courtroom that the FBI set up a fake production company called Longbow productions. They seem to have been put in place for the sole purpose of entrapping people involved with the Bundy family and the 2014 protest against the BLM. Five men are accused of […]