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Thanks to Nike’s full-on embrace of Colin Kaepernick and his Social Justice Warrior stances, Nike is seeing the negative side of businesses that actively promote anti-American behavior. Nike’s stock has plunged, as investors understand that by this slap in the face to Americans, its sales will surely decline. The revolt has begun!

So, why has Colin Kaepernick been unveiled as the new face of Nike? Nike is a Globalist company, and toes the line in its promotion of the Globalist agenda, as do companies like Target, Walmart, Twitter, Facebook, Kelloggs, Starbucks, NFL, McDonalds, Disney, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Ford, Apple, Microsoft and Google. All these companies, and more, promote the Globalist Agenda, which seeks to turn us into Global Citizens, in a multicultural society that rejects National borders, destroys local customs and traditions, and promote minority rights over majority rights, even while dividing us into more and more select minorities that are meaningless.

by Gregory Noble   It would be clear to any Democrat, any liberal, there is something wrong in their tactics, if those people stopped to evaluate what it is they believe. For instance, do they believe every single person must agree with them or with their party, all the time? And if they don’t agree […]

Oath Keepers leadership sounds off on the new NFL policy. Up front is an editorial by Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, followed by commentary from other national and state leaders within Oath Keepers. Let us know what you think about this new NFL policy in the comments on our website or on Oath Keepers social […]