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– This article was published at Ground Report on February 13 2016 Anthony Wile, Ron Paul Denounce Hate-Crime Expansion [Excerpts: Please read entire article at link below.] Freedom of speech is an increasingly rare commodity it seems. Israel’s Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has just announced he wants to set up an international consortium to […]

– Anthony Wile of The Daily Bell has just interviewed James Jaeger to discuss James’ newest documentary film, Midnight Ride: When Rogue Politicians Call For Martial Law. (Available in our store, < Here >) The Daily Bell has granted permission to mirror the entire interview here at Oath Keepers. However, I would like to ask […]

    James Jaeger Introduces Oath Keepers’ “Ten Orders” To Readers At The Daily Bell   The Daily Bell has posted an extensive interview with James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment. In this interview James allows Anthony Wile to direct the flow of topics to be covered and the interview is an excellent read. But what […]