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THE GOVERNMENT SET THE STAGE FOR THIS EMBARRASSMENT, SO THEY MUST OWN THE RESULTS. UPDATE: As of May 2017, there is a new person in charge of Nevada Southern Detention Center. Facility Leader: Janice Killian, Administrator. “Janice Killian was named facility administrator at CoreCivic’s Nevada Southern Detention Center in May 2017.” May 4, 2017 by […]

by Loren Edward Pearce May 4, 2017 Lisa Bundy, wife of imprisoned protester Ammon Bundy, received several messages from people who had heard her description of what happened to her husband while in a 3 foot by 3 foot shower stall in the Nevada Southern Detention Center and challenged her as to its veracity. They […]

by Shari DovaleMay 3, 2017 After spending more than a month in Solitary Confinement, Ammon and Ryan Bundy are back in the hole. Ammon and Ryan Bundy, two of Cliven Bundy’s sons facing trial stemming from the Bunkerville Protest, have been faced with cruel and inhuman abuses from the Federal prison system. They have endured […]