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31 March 2019 This Progress Report is for the newest documentary movie by Matrix Productions. These documentaries are funded with donations (instead of loans) to enable the movies to reach a much wider audience online when they are completed. Once this film is finished, we can let a wide audience know about the hidden dangers […]

On April 19, 1775, in Lexington, Massachusetts the first shot rang out sparking the American Revolutionary War. To memorialize that day in history, we bring you the critically acclaimed full length documentary film REVELATION Dawn of Global Government completely FREE! The free viewing will be from April 19 through April 28. Click on the FREE MOVIE banner to register. […]

From Daisy Luthor When most folks hear the words “Agenda 21” they have one of three responses: Huh? What’s that? Oh yay! It’ll turn the world into Utopia and global warming will stop and life will be rainbows and unicorns again! It’s a plan to remove personal liberty and move us closer to a one-world government. […]

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh — March 10, 2017 The One World Governance of U.N. Agenda 21, now morphed into U.N. Agenda 2030, requires that every societal decision be based on the environmental impact on global land use, education, and population control and reduction. The lynchpin of this agenda, Sustainable Development, has deemed “not sustainable” most […]

Michael Shaw, Founder of Freedom Advocates, Constitutional Patriot When we go to the Freedom Advocates website we can find on the front page an article on “unalienable rights”, in which Michael Shaw explains the difference between “I”nalienable and “U”nalienable. That page is well worth the read for anyone. Link. There we read: Webster’s 1828 dictionary [...]

– Patrick Wood: Reflexive Law: New Legal System Driving Sustainable Development  Written by Patrick Wood and published at  Technocracy dot News – Every society in history has been hinged on compatible systems of social structure, economics and politics. And, every unique society is regulated by a compatible legal system that settles all disputes between its […]