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by Edwin Vieira, Jr. From Stewart Rhodes: In this excellent paper, Dr. Edwin Vieira lays out the very clear constitutional powers of the President, as Commander in Chief, to call forth the militia of we the people into service to execute the laws of the Union. While Dr. Vieira is here focused on calling forth […]

Kent State Graduate Kaitlin Bennett, Open Carrying an AR10 Moments After Graduating Oath Keepers is offering a free Personal Security Detail (PSD) for Kent State Graduate Kaitlin Bennett, who open carried an AR 10 rifle on campus on graduation day.  She has since received death threats from rabid anti-gun leftists.   We feel honor bound, as […]

by Mert Melfa Media Scenes from the “Americans for America” New York March for the Second Amendment, at the State Capitol in Albany, NY , April 14, 2018. New Yorkers gathered to participate in the Nationwide March and Rally for the Second Amendment at the State Capitols of the 50 states. The National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic […]

Survey: 55% want the film to address the MILITIA SYSTEM By Filmmaker James Jaeger As many of you know, we recently sent out a 3-question survey.  Thank you for your input, it was loud and clear. Here is a summary of the survey results: 55% want to address the MILITIA SYSTEM. 24% want to address […]

Charlton Heston’s “A Torch With No Flame” Charlton Heston discusses passing on the legacy of the Second Amendment. In this spellbinding performance, the NRA past president challenges Americans to keep freedom’s flame alight from generation to generation. Delivered with unedited authenticity reflecting a deep love for his nation, Mr. Heston’s eloquent message radiates truth as […]

By Cornel Rasor – 10/7/2017 If you believe the Constitution and Bill of Rights protect our right to defend ourselves from each other only, this is not for you… If we frame the debate, we control the outcome and even most of the responses. The media and those fearful of liberty who seek only security […]