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Video by Stewart Rhodes Published on May 13, 2017 Founder of Oath Keepers interviews Charles Robinson II and his sons at the Boston Free Speech Rally. Robinson blood has been spilled in every war since WWII. They tell how they feel about Antifa burning the American flag while flying the communist flag, and discuss what […]

Tom Lindsay APR 30, 2017 Do you think that you can count on university leaders to uphold the First Amendment on their campuses? If so, think again. I thought that I was being pranked when I received an email notifying me of a New York Times op ed, published by NYU vice provost, Ulrich Baer, […]

By Chip Murray “The past participle of the Latin verb absolvere is absolutus. It means freed from any restrictions. Modern man wants no ‘absolutes.’ He wants to be loosed from things binding for all times and places.” ~ Fr. James V. Schall, J.T., TCT  “On Absolutes” My goodness Father Schall, you have this remarkable way of getting at […]

Update from Stewart Rhodes: “Event is over. All safe, no serious injuries, complete success.” by Tyler Durden  Apr 15, 2017 It was supposed to be a day of peaceful protests across 150 US cities organized by anti-Trump supporters demanding to see the president’s tax return on Tax Day. Instead, in at least that bastion of tolerance […]

Keith Fink UCLA Professor – Student Blocked From Taking His Class – Tucker Carlson Tonight – 2/21/17 Published on Feb 21, 2017 Tucker Carlson interviews Keith Fink a UCLA Professor that claims that the college is blocking students from taking his class based on free speech because of his conservative views. Keith Fink does not […]

Globalists want to regain control over public opinion. Dan Lyman & Kit Daniels | – November 21, 2016  With the intention to censor independent media, President Obama is now spearheading the fervent assault on so-called “fake news.” This war on “fake news” began after anti-Trump world leaders, heads of social media platforms and the […]

Editor’s Note: Jason Van Tatenhove is the media director for Oath Keepers and a journalist working with Jim White of NorthWest Liberty News.  Jason called me on the afternoon of Thursday, September 08, 2016 as he drove east to return to North Dakota. He asked me to dig up the article which I’m posting below, […]

This last week, I traveled down to the small reservation town of Cannon Ball, ND. This small town, which is home to the Standing Stone Reservation, along the confluence of the Missouri River and Cannon Ball River, has become the site of a stand off between the native tribes, big money, and the powers that […]