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Donation for Operation Eagle Eyes

Suggested Donation $20.00

Your contribution makes a difference. The money you give goes directly to supporting Operation Linebacker.

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If you prefer to write a check, please send it to:
Oath Keepers
Attn: Operation Eagle Eyes
5130 S. Fort Apache Rd. Ste. 215
Las Vegas, NV 89148

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Donate to support our critical operations all along the US border with Mexico. We are using both air surveillance with volunteer pilots and drones, and boots on the ground surveillance to spot illegal infiltration into the US and report to Customs and Border Protection. We will also be defending ranches and ranch families against cartel violence.

Your donation will supply our pilots with the critical fuel they need to stay in the air over border ranches that have given us permission to fly over their land. Our pilots and observers will be spotting and reporting to CBP any illegal alien incursion into the US that they observe. We will be flying day and night so long as you help to provide the fuel.

Please help us supply critical aid, show our support for President Trump’s stand at the border and help CBP with extra eyes and ears.