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    My Grandfather was was in the Army during WWII. He was an MP.
    During the Battle of the Bulge, he and one other MP were stationed alone at a checkpoint.
    Suddenly, stomp, stomp, stomp came the sounds of an entire division of German soldiers approaching the checkpoint. Holy @%#$^! We are so F__ked!
    As they came up to these two men alone at the checkpoint, the entire division came up in order to surrender to these two men.

    My Father served in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He was stationed inside of the USA and never had to go over into Vietnam.
    My Father was a Med Tech, which is a laboratory technician for hospitals. Many wounded Veterans showed up returning from Vietnam. Horrible for the them. Pretty tough for my Father too, having to see all of the trauma they went through.
    My Father was also stationed in Florida during the race to land men on the moon. He served when the three astronauts were burned alive in a test capsule that was filled with pure oxygen. He said the only reason we even know about this was because there was a press conference about something totally unrelated when this happened. In fact, he said that many more volunteers were also burned alive, but that information was never let out.

    Now we are talking about the possibility of a Civil War or Revolution here.
    Trump proposes a Wall to keep illegal aliens, drugs, criminals and terrorists out.
    And we are indeed being flooded with all of that and who knows what else!

    During our Revolutionary War against Great Britain, we were lucky to find a great deal of aid from the French, who have always been enemies of the British. Although many Frenchmen strongly supported our ideals for freedom, the real reason we were helped was because of the benefit France received from pushing the British into having to fight on many fronts and spend tremendous amounts of money hiring mercenary soldiers.
    So the French were our allies, well, kinda sorta. But it was enough.
    My main point in bringing up this topic about the French is to point out that sometimes critical aid shows up in unexpected ways and from unexpected people.

    Now here is today’s Scuttlebutt. Ta-DA!
    Please answer the questions as best as you can and any answer that does not include Why or Why not? and How do you justify your answer legally and morally? will be a little bit disappointing. But any answer at all is very welcome and interesting for all of us, irregardless. This is scuttlebutt. Everybody wins here! 🙂

    OK. You happen to own a big ranch along the border of Texas or New Mexico or Arizona.
    You are frustrated by an endless flow (thousands!) of drugs, criminals, weapons, illegal aliens and terrorists. But it’s just you, your family and your own set of guns. The reality is, all by yourself, there is nothing you can do to stop these dangerous trespassers. If you fight back, they will simply kill you and their problem is solved. You can’t get the government to help. Local Law Enforcement is clearly way overwhelmed by so many and so dangerous a group of people. This really sucks.

    Now, please don’t forget what I said about the French or my Grandfather and the other MP.
    You are sitting back after just having a delicious dinner when you here a knock-knock on the front door. Hmm, who could that be?

    You open up the front door and… There are 5,000 Mexicans, fully armed to the teeth, rocket and grenade launchers, rifles, pistols, shotguns. Many are fully auto. Most of these are clearly illegal according to our ridiculous anti-arms laws.
    The leader of the group steps up.
    Sir, we are North Americans, just like Canada and the United States of America. We simply will not tolerate any more of this flow across what is both our border and your border.
    We will be the wall that is missing. But Sir, the land on our side of the border where your ranch is at has a terrain that cannot be defended. Only your land gives us a place that we can form a human wall. Unfortunately, that means we have had to cross here and we are 100% illegal aliens according to the laws of your country. We are here and we will fight to the death to stop this problem!

    So my questions are:
    What do you do when illegal aliens show up to defend you.
    These same illegal aliens, like the French, are also looking out for themselves, too.
    They have tremendously broken state and federal arms laws.
    If you do not allow them, eventually the criminals or regular illegal aliens will kill you and your family.
    They cannot accomplish this on their side of the border. It must be on your land.
    If you do nothing to stop the passage of hard drugs, many young Americans will end up as drug addicts and either die on the streets or live out the rest of their lives in prison, which we will have to work even harder to pay for.

    I do not see this as something that cannot happen. I think this is a realistic possibility.



    Interesting scenario, in both options you bring forward you’re both outnumbered and out gunned. 1 force is invaders the other is technically is a foriegn rebel force. The legal web you just spun is impressive. On one hand you have illegal immigrants you my have to defend your property against.  On the other you must decide to support a illegitimate military force. Your question is honestly a choice between the lesser of two evils with an uncertain outcome. Nicely done sir. I would answer you this way. If the rebel forces set up and operated on their side of the border i don’t see any problem with that with the understanding that you wouldn’t impede their efforts to solve their problems. I am not sure about all thousands of laws you’d be breaking if you provided direct support but my guess is you would require some serious legal representation.  Once again nice scenario.  I am interested to see more responses to this

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