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    I signed up with Wikipedia as an editor. The entry about the Oath Keepers is a real mess right now. There is not yet a page done about Stewart Rhodes, but a link is already there, just no page.

    The more inderect connections, such as the horrible things SPLC implies about our group and also other links explaining those ideas really make us look bad.

    They say that we are for private militias. That’s not true. We are for proper, legal and authorized militias. That’s a good, very good thing. It’s also constitutional and our founder’s would be appalled to see that Texas is the only state with it’s own proper state militia.

    For example, it’s misleading in a subtle way saying that we are anti-government.

    I’m not anti-government. I want our government to be restored back to the way it’s supposed to be, not the mess we have now.

    There are also some external links that are way out of date, such as one saying that there was no membership fee, just donations, needs to be removed, etc.

    Now, there is one big problem, not hard to deal with.

    Because I am a member, that runs me up against a Conflict of Interest policy. So we need non-members, non-donating people to carry out the actual edits. That should be easy to do.

    There is another problem. Reliable sources. Those are external links to news articles (not breaking news, which is considered possibly not yet vetted), certain kinds of experts and media or other documents that do not have to be internet accessible, but obtainable.

    I’ll post some Wikipedia links to these guides. Those links are in a different set of bookmarks.

    I also think that a page needs to be added about Stewart Rhodes. I’m pretty impressed and links to his works, schooling and military service, etc. need to be found and used.

    One thing to remember, Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and needs to be written in that format. It’s not a news site, promotional site, etc.

    SPLC basically says we are a white supremicist group and want violence. The protest at Maxine Water’s office was called off in order to prevent violence, which was very wise.

    The bylaws and members of the BOD clearly refute that. It might be as simple as putting up the correct members and racial origens of each to help get rid of that. Are the bylaws publically available other than on our website? A few excerpts might be useful. The whole set is too long to use on our Wikipedia page.

    If we could get some good sources posted in this thread, that would be great.

    Just to be clear about me, while I think education is important, I intend to get a rifle and pistols, one pistol for concealed carry and the rifle and other pistol for open carry. Pretty high up on my priority list. I’m right handed, but my right shoulder isn’t in the best shape, so I need to learn to shoot lefty.




    Chris, I am a disabled Marine Corp Veteran and Retired Law enforcement Officer. I think that one thing that our organization is a standard uniform, with Oathkeepers patches on both shoulders along with the American flag on the left shoulder and each Individuals State Flag on the other shoulder, name label over left breast pocket and area of expertise over the right pocket such as communications, medical, security,ranger,scout,mechanic,etc! We should all dress in the same uniform when we are out in public recruiting members and assisting law enforcement, etc. If we have a uniform without any racial overtones or anti-government slogans or white extremist symbols, that will go a very long way in getting people to know about our organization and squash any misled rumors about what we stand for! A uniform means just that, UNIFORM which also means ORGANIZED! I hate to say it, n\but it is true, we look like an unorganized bunch of idiots to people that think we are neo-Nazis! AS a Marine, the very first thing we learned was how to NOT look like an unorganized mob and the uniform and how it was to be worn was one of the first things we were taught before we were even issued a rifle in boot camp at Paris Island, South Carolina! Today, all over the world a US Marine can be very quickly distinguished from any other branch of service by our uniform from our BDU to our dress uniforms!
    Training! A person can never get enough training! We need to have an active recruitment program that is positive and lets people know that there IS an organization that still believes in true American Values and Morals! We should move our organization toward the goal of being an exact replica unit of the Minutemen type of organized Militia and Home guard Security and Defense for each units portion of their state and locality! We should have organized training and a place in each units area for them to fall back to in case of an SHTF situation where we have to leave our homes in case of Civil Unrest or War! Each unit should and each member should be required to have a certain amount of Firearms, Ammunition, FOOd and Water and Clothing and a 5-mile walkie talkie with the same channels for communication. We should all start brushing up on our shooting skills and help those that need it! We should require monthly meetings for every established group by State and region. We should not be afraid of what the globalists and liberals call or think of us! WE KNOW WHO WE ARE AND ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!

    I am willing to assist in all areas that I am experienced in and not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty much trained in everything from Carpentry to Combat Operations, even cooking and foraging for food, etc! Times are changing every day and I think we are teetering totting on some type of Civil Unrest, Race War or Civil War or a real Invasion type war from outsiders! I think Novembers midterm elections will ignite a fire that is already smoldering! The 2020 election will be the make or breaking of this countries Constitution and our Free Republic of the United States that our forefathers established with the help of GOD ALMIGHTY and brave men and women patriots! WE HAVE GOT TO BE READY TO RESIST TO OUR DEATHS LIKE WE SWORE TO DO IN OUR OATH WE TOOK!
    It is time we regroup this organization and focus on recruitment and current affairs and remind people of the sacrifices of so many good men and women to preserve and protect our Nation and our Constitution! The time for just talking is over! It is time for the Paul Revere in each and every one of us to Ride again for Freedom! I and mine are prepared and will fight to the death for our freedoms that GOD and our Constitution have given us!
    I am glad to hear you say you are arming up! Now I feel like there are others in this organization that just need a swift kick in the pants to get motivated and leaders that need to step up and lead! SEMPER FI! Brothers and Sisters!
    I live in North Alabama right outside Huntsville, Alabama and 5 miles from the Tennessee line! I am not plugging my website but it is All Oathkeeper members, do not purchase anything until you email me about a price on an item! Text or send me a picture of your membership card and I will give you a price that will get you outfitted at a price you won’t get anywhere else! I am an FFL and a gunsmith and can build a fully tacted out, combat-ready AR type rifle for less than $ 750.00. I can recommend a good semi-auto high capacity pistol that will be good for concealed or open carry and combat use! I can set up an Oathkeeper member with a rifle, Pistol, body armor with a carrier, tactical vest with holster and rifle and magazine pouches and radio pouch, AR magazines 30 rounders all for around $1500.00 or less! I can probably get BDU uniforms that we decide to go with at a big wholesale price if we order a large group order at one time. Oathkeeper members, just email me through my website or email me directly and I will figure you up a price according to your preferences! I want everyone to have the gear they need at the cheapest price I can give them so they can buy food and water and medical supplies for their minute man chest!



    Right on Earl and Chris!

    Trust me there are many of us that agree, I will be taking initiative in my Southern California area, I emailed state chapter and they mentioned looking for a local chapter leader for my area but that’s all I’ve heard. I’ve messaged the gear store about stock with no response so today I had Oathkeepers hats made for myself, I placed an order for pocket Constitutions from and I guess I will try to print out my own OKer brochures for recruitment.

    Not complaining I’m just fired up and want to make a difference in my area ASAP!

    God Bless guys!




    If anybody out there is from Alabama and wants to help me start up a real, Active Alabama Chapter and get squared away and be prepared for what is more than likely coming our way from the nutjobs from the Left, antifa,black lives matter,etc.! Please contact me at and WE will start up a family based unit that works together and protects and defends each other! When the shit does hit the fan, it will be too late to prepare! The time to prepare is now! and I sincerely believe that that time is short! I am very current on the current activities going on in this country and things are getting extremely worse every day, almost hour by hour and I think it is only going to get worse the closer we get to the midterm elections and I think it is going to get extremely worse in November after the midterm elections show a red wave instead of a blue wave! The left just can not take defeat! They have a globalist agenda to put into place and I think they will start acting out with extreme violence when things do not go their way! The real left extremists have already started purchasing firearms and supplies, even though they protest against anybody else having them! Antifa has already armed up and got some traitor idiot teaching them firearms training, bomb-making and hand to hand combat and guerrilla fighting techniques used in Vietnam by the Vietcong! People, if you are sitting on your hands and shaking your head thinking that nothing will come of their actions, you had better think again! That is what the British thought about AMERICAN PATRIOTS at the beginning of the Revolutionary War and you can see who won!
    I hate war and fighting just as much as anyone but I do aim to protect my family and my Country and the Constitution and will not bow down to any TYRANT! I would rather die free than live as an enslaved subject! If you call yourself an OATH KEEPER, BE ONE! THAT DOES REQUIRE ACTION AND NOT JUST TALK! WE GET ENOUGH LIP SERVICE FROM OUR ELECTED POLITICIANS!



    My Dad and I are just leaving Fort Worth and soon to be back home in Austin. Long trip on Amtrak from Seattle, but it’s nice to be finally returning.
    It cost all of our money, but we both agreed that things are going wrong really fast right now. We want to make our fight or shelter in Texas. Big cities like Austin, etc are great places during good times, but disastrous when things finally start to get bad.
    Small towns around Texas are both patriotic to the US constitution but also to the character that still lives from when Texas was it’s own nation.

    We both want to have a place to stay in Austin, but more important is getting hooked up with someone far enough away from the cities when things get worked up.
    My dad spent his career travelling around all of West Texas, so he knows that area well.
    We have resources in our storage room in Austin that will probably get us through the next two weeks until he gets his Social Security check.
    Meanwhile, if there is anyone from the Texas Chapter that could contact me, that would be great. I plan on contacting in person in the next couple of days either way.
    We are going to have to stay in a motel the next two nights and work things out from there.
    I absolutely think that time is too short now. We were flat out scared that we would get stuck somewhere else. Glad to be home!


    Matt McD~

    I may be wrong but it was my understanding that efforts, in the past, had been made to correct the record on Wikipedia. I remember somebody stating that every time edits were made they were changed back. Perhaps a concerted effort by a dedicated group would be successful or perhaps those efforts would be better used to make edits to the S.P.L.C. Wikipedia  page?



    Here are the bookmarks I needed to put up earlier.
    I agree that going after the SPLC is probably a better idea. But it MUST meet the guidelines for reliable sources above. As long as we are careful, we can make changes to their pages. They have direct links to other pages that are also quite wrong.

    You are right, this needs to be a careful, group effort. Each editor slowly making small slow changes that won’t attract the attention that any large changes will (and then get reversed), They have software that looks for large changes and auto-magically changes things back. We need to make sure it doesn’t notice us. This will take time and need to be planned together by the group, nothing done solo!

    If we can’t change our Wiki page, then let’s directly address these issues at the top of our website pages. Just enough of our by-laws to counter the false charges against us.
    Any time we make the news, people are going to come peeking at our website. We need it to be ready to pointedly discredit the B.S. that the media gives out.

    I just read an article that says that ultimately, it’s the content, not the decoration that really makes the website. I have to agree with that.

    For example, the news is very important, but why not worry first about us, second about that. We really need to “hook” people into looking more deeply at our website rather than just glancing at the top and leaving. If they stay, then they are going to read the news and then look at more and maybe either become members or at least leave a donation.

    I’m happily back in Austin, Texas now, so if anyone wants to meet up and get involved with this, just let me know. There are a lot of great resources here we gain draw upon.


    Matt McD~

    Chris4, looks like you’ve already done a considerable amount of research. If you are interested in putting a team together, and are willing to take some direction from the Board of Directors on content, I’d say go for it. Our group has certainly suffered a black eye from the miss information/propaganda displayed there. Email me  with suggested edits before uploading and I will liaison with the B.O.D. for approval.



    Absolutely yes.
    I’ve been using OpenBSD for years now. It is an open source code project where everything is 100% visible.
    I’ve only been a lightweight contributor to the code and also bringing in existing programs from outside the project with the proper adjustments needed to our methods.
    So I have been a part of this kind of work already. I’m going to consult with them right now for advice on how to handle a mix of researchers (the really important part) and those who will make the Wiki mark-up that can be submitted to Wikipedia.
    Yes, not touching our Wikipedia page AT ALL is going to be critical in not getting noticed by SPLC, etc.
    I’m going to email you with some other thoughts and questions we can discuss about this overall. I’m really glad that I can help with this. If we can’t fix our page, un-breaking some of the surrounding groups’ pages should be possible, with care and some patience. The OpenBSD developers have years of experience on how to handle this sort of work, so I should be able to get some pointers in the right direction.



    OK, here is an excellent link that we should save for some future day, but not yet. We need to also have links like this to save up on for a later usage. Please also find us stuff like this to put in the attic for a later fight.



    I haven’t posted on this for a while, but this is still a go. Can’t do this alone.

    Step up. this isn’t a one person project. Even telling what pages around the subject of how we are smeared are enough. Look at SPLC page and then we need the links they refer to. Attacking them directly will fail, but we can clean up the surrounding mess.

    This is not a programming job. If you can read, you can help. Read Facebook tomorrow. It’s not going anywhere.

    I need a list of BS on Wikipedia and some decent sources to back up claims.

    It’s a volunteer ENCYCLOPEDIA, not a news outlet!

    I’m going to be very disappointed if not one person steps up.

    And how about we write up a page on our founder, Stewart Rhodes.

    Wikipedia doesn’t have a page on him. We just need one person who is not directly affiliated with OathKeepers to post it. Not write it.


    Tango India Mike

    I addressed the wikipedia issue in the previous forums. I suggested that Stewart himself set the record straight with wikipedia. I don’t understand why he would let that mess stand for so long to mislead so many people. He is the ultimate authority on what Oath Keepers is. Some basic editing to wikipedia, like including all the bylaws, would make a difference. Also, regarding the SPLC claims that Oath Keepers is anti-government, needs to be addressed. Oath Keepers is pro-government in that we want the republic as it was established according to the constitution. Meanwhile, the sheeple will read that wikipedia/SPLC garbage and use it against Oath Keepers.



    Chris you have a pretty well thought out plan. I also signed up with Wikipedia as an Editor and everything I tried did not stick. When that did not work I sent them a message stating I was contesting that first sentence that a Google Search so prominently displays in the feature box in the upper right corner of every search result. It is a incorrect slanderous oxymoronic statement that I and others have tried to change to no avail. I then sent a message to Google stating the same. It was either Google or Wikipedia that has a statement up front asking if you are legal representation for the group affected. As far as the SPLC, there is only one way to get their attention.  The burden of having to jump hoops in peculiar fashion to correct slander should not be on the affected party. At this point I’m pissed enough that I’m thinking a law suit is in order. The condition of a crime is that damages have occurred and that is definitely the case here. None of the three involved in this slander are listening now because there is no bite in our bark. I’m thinking the SPLC is the source, thus the trigger that needs to be tripped to correct this. It’s time a damn good lawyer takes them to task.



    I started to copy and paste the References given in the Wikipedia article, but since it’s quite extensive I’ll just post the link. The whole article is a hit piece. Almost every bit of it will have to be challenged. You would almost be better off to re-write the whole thing with citations explaining the truth about various key points. If you compared the two versions, it would become fairly obvious which one is more speculative on intent and which one is more based in fact.

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