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    Welcome. Please post questions and comments about CPT and Disaster relief here.



    thanks Blue



    To keep some level of organization it might be well to have a “General” CPT forum/blog, but ALSO a separate one for each CPT.  The commo people could hash ideas back and forth, as could the medically oriented, or engineers proposing methods to build secure sites, pump water repair infrastructure, etc.  If I wanted to locate ideas for the CPT I am a member of or is one of my interests I could just go to that forum/blog to see what is happening or pose a question I need answered.

    Can we do this?



    We have CPT’s, but I see little development of the associated “community” they are supposed to serve.  At least here in a city of over 800,000 members are coming from very distant points from each other, generally 10-20 miles from the east or 10-20 miles from the west.  If I include south it is easily 30 miles same as from the north.  Too far apart to be effective.  Following along the Special Forces ODA Tm configuration, maybe we should start pushing each disparate group to begin forming along the split team concept [1/2 and ODA or 6 members] with each discipline covered.  If or When the overall group gets together at a monthly meeting then maybe all the commo members, etc. could get together to discuss problems and solutions among themselves just like happens when the ODB or Bn pulls all of the ODA’s in.  I hear that is the way the Yavapai county OK do it at their monthly meeting although I have never been present to observe.

    When the meeting is over and all the members redeploy back to their home areas the members need to practice with each other between monthly meetings as an ODA[minus].  This is also a good time to practice commo with the other teams in your OK group…at a distance.



    I have a MPH with a concentration in Disaster Planning and Emergency Management.  I don’t work at it full time, but I do volunteer for Citizens Corp, helping my local community, neighborhoods, family friends and neighbors plan and prepare for local emergencies through education and training.  I might recommend that if you are unable to get a CPT class in you area, consider joining organizations such as the Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) or Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT).  Both are at no cost to the public and you may get to help out your community when resources like Oathkeepers are not needed.



    A good number of the guys in our group have been through at least one CERT training class.


    Steven Schwanz

    Just joined OK about 15 minutes ago. Live in NC, am trying to find out how to contact other Oath Keeper members in my area and organize a CPT for this area (High Point, Greensboro, Winston Salem) or maybe several. I am retired Army SF and the ODA organizational concept is one I am very familiar with. A couple of questions for longer serving members of Oath Keepers – is this website secure? How much info should I put out there in terms of trying to get together with fellow OKs in my area? I checked the block with “notification via e-mail” for any replies and hope to “get aquainted” with local members and try to organize a CPT. Thanks in advance for any assistance ya’ll provide. I use the name “Stand Tall” in these forums.



    As for the security of our forum?

    I would just assume that if it isn’t yet – that it will be breached in the future.

    I would be very careful about how much info you “share” on here.


    Matt McD~


    We are doing nothing illegal or immoral here. We don’t hide behind masks and their is no reason to conceal your identity unless you run the risk of loosing your job or security clearance. Be Oath Keepers proud!



    Steven Schwanz

    Matt, I realize there is nothing going on in Oath Keepers, or the CPT Forum that would be considered illegal or immoral etc..However, it is naive to think that nowadays, the far left lunatics, anarchists and America Haters would not try something to strike back against organizations like this one. They do it through cyber attacks, they collect information and then sell it on the dark web – and the next thing you know, things like bank accounts are being breached, your home or vehicles being vandalized or you are being blamed for things you had no part in…just because you were “outed” as a member of this organization. Try doing a “Google” search for Oath Keepers – and look at the trash that is written about this organization by outlets like Wikipedia, AOL, Yahoo, etc..I’m just trying to be cautious in how I approach other OK members since they don’t know me from Adam- I don’t want to alarm them since I just “pop up” and want to particpate and they know nothing about me – nor do I know anything about them.



    I have already seen firsthand how resourceful people can be when it comes to “researching” people on the Internet. I’ve had someone come to my door looking for me – using info gleaned from an announcer on YouTube video posted by somebody else years ago…..and the guy was just looking for friendly advice about an automotive project!  No malice intended, he just wanted advice that I could share.

    Some of these people who wish to harm others will work even harder than that guy to gain their Intel.  We don’t want to help them.



    I’m with Madduner on this one. One thing to be proud, another to be stupid.



    I’m already outed as an OK member and I just officially joined  a week ago. I also joined with the intent of finding like minded people. I’m not doing anything illegal and if someone wants to find me they will as I have other presence on social media. It’s near impossible to deter someone who would be a vandal or accost you, but they often forget that you have every opportunity to exercise your rights on your property to preserve you and yours. Modern technology works both ways. If you’re in the San Antonio area and looking to have an actual meet up for CPT training and discussion.



    I was a National Moderator in the previous forum, Was banned for no reason whatsoever.

    I was eradicating intruders from left to right specially from Russia.

    I reported them many times to HQ’s also asked for a tool needed

    to clean that mess. Never  got an answer. They (Intruders)logged in and took many brothers bios with them. I try hard to keep OK and the brothers safe, But I was alone on the subject. Today I still getting phone treats from Russia.(I traced their call back to them)

    I informed the brother not to mention/post  anything important

    in the forum or PM, Since all that was compromised and no help from high ups, We decided to create a “Proton Group” to discus

    all this happenings to save the OK forum. But instead we was accused of making a militia to overthrow OK’s. And that’s a lie.

    I try real hard to get OK’s forum safe, But failed from above.

    Juan (tango-warrior)………..Still standing by.



    Both opinions on this make valid points.

    Why invite trouble for yourself? The lefties have a whole lot of lunies these days crawling out of the woodwork. Presidents eventually change, and obviously some of them like to load government positions with their corrupt lackies. Corrupt governments don’t like groups like this one.

    On the other hand, I’m not a huge fan of hiding behind a computer screen. I am a fan of doing the right thing regardless of the consequences. Security is an illusion anyway. If someone wants to find someone else bad enough, they probably will regardless of how careful one is on social media. Once quantum computing hits, nothing written on a computer now will be remotely private anyway.

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