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    Leonard (TX)

    There don’t seem to be any obvious ways for people to connect right now unless you are in a group in your area from a while back or state leaders are being fed new members information in their states.  It would be great if we could once again create a forum for each state so people have an easier time connecting/organizing.



    I agree, I’d really like to be able to  network with some folks in my local area, but I have no idea how to find them.



    Chris4 has created a comms link for members in Texas to connect via the app Signal. See thread at beginning of Forums for details. All that is needed is download the app and send him your phone number to be added. Let’s see if we can get this started from a grassroots perspective. I’m kinda tired of sitting on my ass waiting for something to happen…



    There actually was under the support tab. We had been allowed to set up state chapels and a national chapel. For some reason the support tab is not available right now or its name has changed. I am looking into that now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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