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    OK, I got the email….

    Who else is interested in this besides me?



    I am! This is what I have been saying that we need, especially with all the demorats making death threats to Republican voters and crazy groups like antifa that are nothing but domestic terrorists, beating up conservative voters and supporters of our constitution and groups that are following that little-paid puppet hogg, trying to ban ALL firearms in the United States and just stomping and spitting on our 2nd amendment of the constitution! I think all hell is going to break loose from these nut jobs in November when the blue wave turns to the Big Red Wave! I have already heard chatter that these groups were going to attack and kill any voter with a Republican bumper sticker on their car or a sign in their yard or a member of the NRA with a sticker on their vehicle! I guess It will be a good day to die for someone because this ole worn out Marine and retired Law enforcement officer still packs some heat and knows what to do with it!  I think this Spartan and Sentinel training program is the best thing we can do! Thre are many people out there looking for groups that are not crazy fanatics to join up with to have some protection in unity!



    I’m in. I have a couple people interested.



    Looking for a rally point in southeastern Tennessee.



    I am interested 100% , I am a oath keeper member currently.


    how do I go about getting into this type of program?



    This training program…

    Im down like 4 flats!

    we definitely need it in the trenches here, it’s getting worse by the day…

    Anyone from the so cal area message me, we are looking to start a chapter in the inland empire area. 🇺🇸



    Has anything developed as to the development of the Spartan and Sentenial programs? I have not been notified or heard anything! I really think this is a very worthwhile venture and needed very much as things seem to be getting closer and closer to some sort of Civil unrest or even a civil war between the left and right! There is so much liberal Globalist Socialism agenda pushing demorats and crooked Republican politicians and racial division pushing groups and people like Al Sharpton,jessie jackson, maxene waters, ole kapernick and other black sports playes,etc, you just don’t know what to expect when you wake up in the morning and turn on the TV! The other morning a warning siren went off in my neighborhood and it was not stormy outside and the first thing that came to my mind was that some kind of armed civil unrest had started. I immediately turned on the local news to see what was going on and it turned out a child molester had evaded police and crashed his car and was on foot with a handgun near our local school and the police were alerting people to be on the lookout for him! I personally think that Novembers midterm elections could start the fire from already hot sparks!



    Earl Webb,

    Love to read your posts!

    I can tell your a 100% Marine fired up and ready to go!

    Wish you lived out here in socialist California we need tough guys out here instead of all the metro sexual weenies around here.

    Im sure they are going through the emails about the spartan training applications and trying to figure out the logistics on where to have the groups located.

    Thanks for your service and God Bless brother!





    Thanks. Boy, I just had a visit from my local democrat Sheriff department for making comments about Pelosi, Feinstein, Osama bin Obama, and Killary Clinton and Summer and crazy Maxine Waters on twitter.! I simply stated I would like to see them hung for treason against the United States and our Constitution! Seems some of the liberal trash or demorats in Washington had me checked out to see if I was a nut case or not because I voiced my freedom of speech just like they have been doing against Republicans and President Trump, only they have called for the assination of President trump, which is a 100% threat to an acting President of the United States and nobody has called the police on them, because they are still at it, only worse! They sent 2 men deputies and one lady deputy. The deputy that talked to me said they had received word from Washington officials that I had sent threatening remarks on social media about hand
    ging them and asked me if I had any intentions of trying to do anything to them! I laughed at the deputy and said to him, you have got to be kidding me! I told the deputy that I had said I would like to see them hang for treason and I meant it, but I had no plans on doing it and that I was not some crazy idiot! I informed the deputy that I was a disabled Marine Corp Veteran and a retired law enforcement officer and that I had constitutional rights of free speech and the deputy told me that I DID NOT HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH ON SOCIAL MEDIA! I asked him what was the difference and he could not answer my question! I asked him why did Maxine waters have the right to call out assassinations against President Trump and the Police on social media and nothing was done to her and other liberals for doing the same thing! He told me to hush and I told him I would not hush, that I knew my constitutional rights and that I had not personally threatened anyone but I would like to see the traitors hung for treason! The deputy never asked me for any identification and said I was not going to be arrested for anything and that I just needed to not post stuff like that on social media! I told him I would not and I reinterateted as they were leaving that I was not a nut case and was not a harm to anybody and they laughed and left by United States Flag and my Marine Corp Flag that was flying in the wind on my front porch! I might add also that one of the deputies was trespassing on my private property and my daughter’s private property by walking around in our backyards looking in the garage and at the back of the house, while I was plainly standing on the front porch talking to the deputy and the lady deputy was standing on the sidewalk laughing!

    The reason that I am writing this is to let Other Oathkeepers know that all law enforcement officers do not respect the constitution and are liars when they take the oath of their office!
    I started to call my local TV station and let them come out and do a report on this, because it is very much a blatant attack against me for using my constitutional rights to free speech, and they are definitely NOT limited when you use them on social media like the uneducated millennium aged deputy tried to tell this old Veteran! Threatening a person is one thing but that never happened and they have my tweets and they just prove my point! Voicing your opinion has never been against any kind of law in the United States, Not even in the Marine Corp as long as you first say, respectfully, but in my opinion! I could cause that sheriff department a whole lot of embarrassment and headaches but people need deputies out on the road to enforce the law! I can not read that deputies mind and do not know his political stand, but I do know that he did not know the Constitution!
    I am curious to hear how any of you would have handled this! Please spread this and comment! I think now more than ever is when the Oath Keeper organization should have prepared, armed, trained groups in every State to get ready to fight overreaching law enforcement agencies that do not care about the Constitution and the peoples right! This deputy looked like Robocop with all the military hardware on him! I do not see how he could have moved quick enough to have even drawn his sidearm if I had of been armed and was a threat to him, which he did not even check to see if I was armed and did not ask? They sure do things a lot different nowadays! No wonder so many of them are killed in the line of duty! You have to have common sense and knowledge to go along with your weapons!



    I have contacted my local Oath Keepers representative and have received a reply about the teams and training. If any of you have not reached out to your local branch I encourage you to do so. IMHO it’s going to be imperative to know like minded people in the coming months and to hone skills that could save life and limb. We can see from the recent Washington circus that communist extremist have become main stream in our political process.



    I do not have a local unit. I live in Hazel Green Alabama just 12 miles outside Huntsvill Alabama in a rural community. I am a trained Marine Corp Veteran machine GUNNER and a retired Mississippi Game Warden and a retired police reserve officer . I am trying to start up a unit in Alabama but have had no luck at all! Please help if you can helping me enlist members. I would also very much like to start an organized mounted a tv  and horseback search and rescue and scouting unit within our regular unit! Thank y’all, Earl Webb





    Good Morning, I’m new to Oath Keepers and live in Virginia. I am very interested in some sort of organized training. Just watching the events around the Kavanaugh Nomination…’s quite clear that everything we hold true, is being destroyed by well financed, networked, and organized Socialists.


    Jim Curry

    Hi, I live in Fort Mill, SC and would like to know if there is training close to my area.



    William, I am Earl Webb over here in Hazel Green, Alabama. I am on the Tennessee/Alabama state line. We need to get together and start units in Tennessee and North Alabama. I would like to find a partner to ride with to go to Pathkeeper functions and call-ups!



    Mr. Rhodes and to whoever is in charge of the Spartan/Sentinel program, I already sent all of my credentials to Scott, but I am a trained marine Corp machine gunner and trained in all avenues of defensive and offensive military tactics, camouflage, and concealment, radio operations, hand to hand fighting and map and compass navigation and acting as a forward scout to locate enemy positions, encampment and strength and troop movement,. As a retired Mississippi game warden that worked the last 12 years before I retired, completely alone, with no backup! I am a hunter safety instructor, boating safety instructor, night and daytime certified in map and compass navigation, multimedia medical trained and certified, but certification has run out, was on Miss Dept Wildlife pistol team and shot high master in police combat pistol tournaments with my partner, trained to track men, trained to do shooting, hunting,boating and vehicle accident investigations, trained to preserve crime scenes for investigators, worked undercover operations, trained in air,water and land patrol, trained to locate narcotics labs,whiskey stills and marijuana crops and drying places, expert with rifle,pistol and shotgun, trained in ATV operations and some repair, I train horses for patrol and combat use like the old cavalry horses were trained, trained in boat water patrol and minor repair of outboard engines, trained in police radio operations and procedures, trained as a gunsmith and specialize in building custom AR type rifles, self-taught blacksmith, trained to catch rogue alligators and relocate them, trained to interrogate potential suspects and witnesses, trained in minor judo and Ta Quon Do Karate, trained in hard hand deadly defenseive tactics,empty hand tactics and soft hand tactics. This includes pressure points, pepper spray, PR-24 baton, asp baton, taser and stun guns. Trained in survival shelter building and fire starting with the bow drill, flint, and steel, magnesium fire starter, chemical fire starters, and matches and lighter and battery. I am also a trained wild animal trapper for food and pelt. Also trained bow and arrow and rifle hunter and fisherman.

    I will be glad to share any of my knowledge and expertise to anyone that wants it! As a Marine and a Game Warden, I was trained to survive and never to surrender or give up as long as I had the means to fight, and if captured to never quit trying to escape!

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